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 General Rules

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General Rules Empty
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Trade Scams - Do not scam players in any way.
Typical Consequence: Temporary Ban & removal of scammed item[s]

Victims - We generally are unable to return scammed items. Players are solely responsible for the safekeeping/loss of their items. Please read this for information about trading items safely.

Illegal Trades - Do not buy/sell Rappelz currency, items, or accounts for real cash, or exchange them for those of any other game.
Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban

Account Selling/Buying - The selling or purchasing of accounts is not tolerated.
Please read this for more information.
Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban

Account Sharing - Do not share your account access with anyone. Doing so is at your own risk and can result in a permanent ban. Please read this for more information.
Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban

Account Phishing/GM Impersonation - Do not pretend to be a GM or any member of the PURE staff for exploitative purposes, or try to get users' login information by any other means.
Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban

Hacking - Do not try to hack or crash our server(s), obtain user passwords, or use third party programs to obtain advantages in the game.
Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban

Accomplices - Aiding a hacker carries the same consequences as hacking itself.
Victims - When a player's account(s) has been hacked, their account access may be temporarily suspended until they either reformat or remove the keylogger, and/or change their password(s) on their account(s). Please read this for more information.

Exploits - Do not take advantage of any part of the game, beyond what it was obviously designed for, to gain advantages for yourself or others.
Typical Consequence: Temporary Ban

Macros/bots - Do not use macro/botting programs for any exploitative purpose.
Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban

Harassment - Do not harass other players, or our staff. Harassment usually involves repeatedly bothering a player with inappropriate behavior & attempting to bypass their efforts to avoid you. Some forms of harassment (like sexual) do not need to be repetitive to be considered harassment.
Typical Consequence: Temporary Ban

Reporting - If you report harassment, you must include the entire conversation. It's not harassment if you rile them up. We must be able to determine that you didn't.
False Report - Do not make false reports.
Typical Consequence: Temporary Ban

Language - Do not use inappropriate language or attempt to evade the chat filter by misspelling inappropriate words.
Typical Consequence: Temporary Mute

Spamming - Do not repeat messages incessantly.
Typical Consequence: Temporary Mute

Inappropriate Names - Do not pick names that are defamatory, vulgar, prejudice/racist, or explicitly sexual.
Typical Consequence: Name Replaced

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General Rules
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